Create Connect Studio is an Original Concept.  Years of inventing, testing,  and perfecting. Create Connect Studio is a community space where people come together to CREATE & CONNECT.  Original concept since 2011.  Test Studio opened in 2014 was a huge success with people coming from all over the country to visit the one and only DIY studio of it's kind.  Franchise model a sucess!


Cutting Edge DIY - Create Connect Studio

 A re-launch for Create Connect Studio ™ is coming . Due to a long-distance move my Madison Create Connect Jewelry Studio studio is closed.  Presently I am looking for a new space to re-launch the franchise model and then franchise nationwide.

 CREATE CONNECT STUDIO ™   features proprietary DIY jewelry making along with a plethora of other Create and Take projects.  Align yourself with the NEXT hit in DIY and become a partner of a ONE-OF-A-KIND studio franchise with products and projects not available anywhere else.


Featured on Major News stations, InBusiness Magazine and winner of awards.

Many features were based around our proprietary Create Connect Jewelry.  The invention of methods and products nearly landed a spot on the SHARK TANK. Although we did not make it to air, it was nice to be recognized for the UNIQUE business idea and products that took many years to invent and perfect.  

the next hit in diy



Something for everyone!  Kids, Ladies, Men, Families and more.  (Yes, REAL MEN MAKE JEWELRY!) Simple projects that help build creative confidence. 

The DIY movement is HUGE!  With proprietary products not available anywhere else, Create Connect Studio is the NEXT thing!  Create Connect Jewelry Party  opportunities are available NOW, long with  Create Connect Night  



Create Connect Studio ™  takes only a small amount of square footage. (And will fit perfectly in any failing paint and sip or pottery studio.)

Several options for display have been tested and perfected.  Open concept with room to create and connect. Party rooms for celebrating.



Customers create gifts for people and create together with a DIY experience like no other.

Simple projects that can be completed in one sitting.  All tested and perfected!

Contact us today!  All the years of work and investing is done, proprietary products not available anywhere else.



Franchise Updates from Amy

Please reach out to me if you are interested in a Create Connect Studio  ™   Franchise.  Since moving I have been trying to secure a space worthy of a new Studio Model.  

I am located in an area that does not have ideal demographics for my studio, so it will take some time.  Thank you to all those who have expressed interest in opening a Create Connect Studio Franchise.  

Please contact me if you are interested in becoming an owner of your own Create Connect Studio. It is my goal to have a Create Connect Studio available for people to get together to discover and share their creativity in all parts of the country.

Create Connect Studio Featuring Create Connect Jewelry and Create and Take Projects.

If you are interested in a future franchise of Create Connect Studio please contact me today!

If you are located in the SW Florida area of Punta Gorda, Port Charlotte or North Port area, I am looking for a partner to open a new Create Connect Studio franchise mode.

Create Connect Night & Create Connect Jewelry Party ™

Why wait to share Create Connect with the rest of the world? 

Introducing Create Connect Jewelry Party  and Create Connect Night™.

If you do not wish to wait for Create Connect Studio ™  to franchise  join us TODAY as a Creative  Design Coach or customer for our social venue and mobile party platform.   If you are interested in a future franchise, working as a Creative Design Coach would allow you to test the products and concept and see if it is for you BEFORE investing in a studio.  

If you are intrested in becoming a customer, visit one of our Create Connect Night ™  venues as we expand across the country.